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Damage caused by long dry periods of cold and thaw can seriously impact broadleaf evergreens, conifers and tender stem plants.

Protecting Plants from Winter Damage

The cold winter temperatures can cause serious damage to many of our plants.  An early winter anti desiccant spray can help.  This waxy coating serves as a layer of protection to the leaves of broadleaf evergreens, conifers and tender stems helping to insulate and slow down the process of transpiration. Susceptible Plants Include: Broadleaf evergreens: […]

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winter moth catepillar

Winter Moth Update 2013

People aren’t sure what it is.  You might have seen them – tiny green inchworms crawling on the bark of oak trees, maples and fruit trees.  You might have noticed more caterpillars around or more moths fluttering around your outdoor lights.  You may not know what it is, but you know something is wrong, especially […]

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