Comprehensive Lawn Care Maintenance

A comprehensive lawn care maintenance program includes correct cultural practices in mowing, spring and fall clean up, mulching and weeding.


Mowing is one practice that is often overlooked. Achieving great results in natural lawn care programs begins with a correct mowing practice. Mowing the grass 3-3.5 inches, with the right frequency, using frequently sharpened blades, shades out potential weeds and keeps the soil temperatures cooler helping to keep vital nutrients in the blades of grass where it will do the most good. Returning the clippings back into the lawn when possible, adds back vital organic matter into the soil without removing nutrients that have been applied. Organic matter content is essential in creating and maintaining a healthy soil base for turf root systems.

The extra time and effort keeping mower blades sharp, prevents tearing the grass and lessens the likelihood of lawn diseases.

Spring Clean Up

Our spring clean up includes picking up branches, remaining leaves, acorns, pine cones, and sand. It also includes raking up snow mold, pruning any broken branches, assessing seeding needs, cutting back left over perennials and repositioning gravel from snowplows. This effort helps to clear off the lawn and gardens to prepare for spring soil amendments and mowing.

Fall Clean Up

Our fall clean up includes removal of the bulk of leaves, cleaning beds, and cutting back perennials. Fall clean up helps us to prepare your property for the winter months.


Why mulch? Mulch helps:

  • Regulate water retention for plants
  • Keep soil temperatures more consistent
  • Combat weeds
  • Protects from erosion
  • Reduces compaction
  • Improves the microbial activity in the soil
  • Protects and alleviates stress in trees, and
  • Makes your property more attractive

Need we say more?


Weeding is an important part of lawn maintenance. Weeds generally indicate other problems in the soil such as compaction, poor drainage, and soil nutrient deficiencies. Weeds are opportunistic. They will grow wherever there is bare soil so it important to either overseed or mulch to minimize the areas where weeds can grow. Weeds can also shade and obstruct valuable plant material and keep them from thriving. We use a variety of weeding techniques that best suit your property needs. If you neglect weeding, your garden will never reach its full potential. It is the final touch to making the difference between a nice garden and beautiful garden.

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