Lawn Care – What Are Your Challenges?

Whether it’s weeds or pesky mosquitoes, we have an organic alternative treatment that can help!

  • “I have so many weeds” – Timing is key. To combat weed problems, we use a corn gluten based product that works by halting the root development, preventing them from becoming established. It is important to begin an organic weed control program before weeds germinate. We recommend treatment in the early spring followed by a second treatment in late summer. Treated areas can be used immediately following application.
  • “Ugly brown spots are all over my lawn” – You’ve got grubs! Grub damage in a lawn appears as large, irregular areas of brown turf that can detach from the soil without much effort. Unlike other forms of turf damage such as too much or too little watering, or excessive fertilizing, grub damaged areas make the turf easy to peel away very much like rolling back a carpet. Grubs are normally out of sight and therefore out of mind but they are feeding on grass roots making their presence known only after they have done severe damage. We use a live organic product that attacks and rids lawns of grubs. Nematodes are microscopic worms that infect and kill grubs, effectively reducing the grub population in the turf. We recommend two to three treatments before grubs become a dominating destructive factor in your lawn.
  • “Japanese Beetles are destroying my roses!” – Japanese beetles are a devastating pest that can feed on 300 species of plants ranging from roses to poison ivy! Japanese beetles are a devastating pest that can feed on 300 species of plants ranging from roses to poison ivy! They normally feed in groups starting at the top of the plant and working downward. Adults emerge from the ground in late May or early June. They can fly up to five mile but generally stay within a 1 to 2 mile area, making short flights to find additional feeding sources. We use an organic pest treatment that helps controls these infestations. We recommend treatment as part of our Organic Grub Control program.
  • “My lawn looks tired and haggard!” – Your lawn probably needs healthy food! Our fertilizer is a blend of natural ingredients including seaweed, leaf and grass compost. We recommend applications in the spring, summer and fall.
  • “My plants look lifeless!” – We use a granule bio-stimulant that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria to help stimulate root development. It can be applied to existing and established grasses, trees, shrubs and ornamental plants. Applied in the spring and fall annually. We strongly recommend application for all newly planted or transplanted materials.

What issues are you seeing in your landscape that we can help you with?

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