Natural Lawn Care Program

“What is compost tea and compost spread?”

As the name implies, compost tea is produced by “steeping” healthy compost in water using some method of aeration. Compost tea is brewed from compost and microbial food source additives, such as molasses, kelp, rock dust and humic-fulvic acids.

This liquid form of compost is sprayed instead of worked into the soil. Compost tea inoculates microbial life and adds soluble nutrients to foliage and soil to better feed plants. It will impact the plant more quickly than compost spread.

The compost tea brewing technique varies depending on the soil and plant needs. This is one reason we strongly recommend Soil Testing and Analysis. The soil analysis gives us important information on the condition of the soil and enables us to determine what nutrients the soil needs.

Compost tea applications help to invigorate and infuse tired, worn out soil with the proper balance of nutrients it needs to flourish.

Compost Spread

Compost spread is also produced using organic matter and when added to the soil, improves soil structure and helps soil retain moisture. Compost also promotes a biologically healthy soil by providing food for beneficial life including earthworms, soil insects and microorganisms.

Compost spread, applied to the lawn or flower bed, IS NOT a fertilizer. It is low in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The benefits of compost spread are generally released more slowly into the soil than a liquid form of compost tea.

Compost can be applied to soil around shrubs and trees and will help improve moisture retention, aeration and fertility of the soil. It can also be applied to turf and is an excellent way to establish or renovate a lawn.

If your lawn, shrubs and trees need rejuvenation from being repeatedly treated with chemical pesticides, fertilizers, fumigants or herbicides, stripping it of the beneficial microorganisms that encourage healthy plant growth and development, then contact us for soil testing and analysis to determine what is needed to rebuild and rejuvenate your yard’s soil.

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