Roof Gardens

Roof gardens aren’t just for the urban high rise buildings anymore!  With the rising concern for all things green and sustainable, more and more residential owners are looking for ways to utilize space and conserve natural resources.  Roof gardens offer a unique solution.

Why create a roof garden?

  • To help reduce solar heat gain.  Lower roof temperatures in the summer and prevent heat loss in the winter.
  • To help in controlling storm water.  Plants utilize rain water through retention on their foliage and absorption through the roots.
  • To help create a quieter indoor environment.
  • To create and encourage a more natural habitat for birds and butterflies.
  • To improve air quality by reducing carbon dioxide and adding oxygen back into the environment.

Roof gardens or green roofs are rooftops that are covered with a thin layer of soil and planted with ornamentals or vegetables.  The rooftops are generally flat with a slight slope no greater than a thirty degree angle.  Roof gardens can be placed on garages, small sheds, homes or larger structures.

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