Creating Lawn Envy

Healthy grass needs healthy soil. If the soil has been depleted of vital nutrients, it cannot sustain a strong root system.

It’s a slow death.

An organic lawn care program aims to improve the soil composition, stimulating root systems to produce thicker grass helping to crowd out weeds naturally. In addition, biodegradable nutrients boost the soil’s immune system, making it less susceptible to insects and grass-killing diseases. As the organic content of the soil replenishes, lawns become healthier and greener.

But it takes time, commitment, and patience.

While greener, lusher lawns are a beautiful benefit to an organic lawn care program, the most significant reason to transition from chemicals and synthetic treatments is for your health, the health of your children, pets, and our environment.


Americans apply over 100 million pounds of pesticides to lawns and gardens each year in pursuit of keeping their yards looking their best. In the process, these harsh chemical and synthetic treatments impact the birds, wildlife, and waterways. We track it on our shoes into our home and waste a great deal of water to ensure the products are watered in.

Lawn envy doesn’t need to be risky.

An all-natural lawn care program is a safe and effective alternative to creating a lush landscape. It relies on nature to resolve issues allowing you a healthy environment to enjoy. The process begins with a soil test to determine the soil chemistry. From there, a tailored program is developed to start re-building the composition to ensure the soil is healthy and able to sustain strong root systems.

Peace of mind

Our comprehensive organic lawn care program is not a bridge program. Our products are allnatural, OMRI approved, and your yard is safe to use immediately after any of our applications. They do not require watering in and do not pose a threat to beneficial insects, wildlife, or birds.

Our health is connected to our environment, from the water we drink to the air we breathe, and we are committed to providing our services in a responsible and eco-friendly manner. We are transitioning from fuel powered machinery to electric mowers and blowers. Using quieter electric machines also helps reduce the noise pollution in residual areas.

Our team of professionals carefully coordinate daily work routes to help reduce fuel costs, carbon emissions and air pollution. Daily schedules are planned using service locations and GPS helping reduce unnecessary driving.

We recognize the importance these efforts play in the overall well-being of our communities, and we are excited to play an even small role in reducing the carbon footprint and air pollution.

Conserving vital resources is important to us and we’ve brought that concern to our office as well. Utilizing the tools of technology to send estimates, invoices, and process payments, we reduce paper waste.

Keeping your property looking its best the natural way is our priority. There is no cookie cutter program that fits all landscapes, and our customized program is designed to create your vision of an outdoor space you can enjoy for years to come that is greener, and safer on your side of the fence.